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Who are we?

We are just a couple who has deep love for Myanmar and its people!

What is happening in Myanmar right now is simply unacceptable for us and as empathic human beings it is our duty to stand for what is right and to stand against immoral deeds. Therefore, we need to help protect the people of Myanmar and its astonishing cultural heritages!

If we must describe Myanmar in one word, then it would be "unique"!

The reason Myanmar was so unknown and undiscovered by the rest of the world is because of the dictators who ruled over several decades. They hid the country so well and exploited all of its precious resources. Only they and their families sit on the wealth while the whole country suffers. They acted as if the country was a bird’s nest, and they did not let any nestlings or fledglings fly in order to keep them from finding the free wide world out there. This kept on going until the age of the Internet where Social Media became the biggest weapon for the people, an information source which people rely on to see more than what the military owned media present. Consequently, people in Myanmar strongly refuse to be blinded or to go back into the dark ages ever again.

For these reasons, Myanmar needs YOUR HELP in any way you can. All they ask for is to live in a just country where basic human rights are being respected and their voices heard, in other words, Democracy.

Alexej Strelzow Profile
I visited Myanmar twice and instantly, I fell in love with the warmth of the people. I will never forget their culinary treasures and breathtaking historical buildings. Myanmar is a country with so much potential, which finally will be unleashed once the Military Terrorist Regime turned to ashes!
Alexej Strelzow

Yoko Thein Profile
We decided to create this website hoping even if we could lay a brick and be a part of this revolution led by Generation Z. They are talented and brave young people and brought hope to all in the country who are under oppression for over 59 years. Their dedication led to my inspiration. We don't forgive and we don't forget'! Justice must prevail. We all should stop watching and do whatever we can to stop the killings in Myanmar. Dictatorships, Coups, as such don’t have a place in our new world!
Yoko Thein

We want to give our special thanks to our friends who help us by finding and creating content for this website!

And we would like to thank the visitors from the bottom of our hearts for your interests in Myanmar affairs. We created this website for you to have a big picture of the country on the contrary and what is going on at the moment without trying to overwhelm you. We hope that just by visiting our website for a short time, you become to understand more about the current situations in Myanmar and be up to date with its terrors and death tolls.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.